Legal and Regulatory Report

With high-speed internet and multiple sensor technologies present in the Smart-Phone, a high volume of useful mobility-related data is generated, recorded, and stored in the phone through various apps that use personal information. This data can be used to solve many mobility problems but on the other hand, there is a potential for privacy issues to be neglected or compensated and personal data used for commercial exploitation.

Understanding the current legislation and legal framework, and suggesting the ways to protect the privacy of the users while allowing the government and mobility companies to provide innovative solutions to tackle congestion and provide affordable access to all are the key aspects involved in the generation and management of mobility data.

As part of this deliverable, a snapshot of the current MaaS regulatory framework around the world has been presented along with the current state of legislation in place for mobility and MaaS related personal data protection in India. Based on the present challenges and the requirements for successful implementation of MaaS and its data protection, the report also suggests a legal and regulatory framework for implementing MaaS data exchange policies keeping in mind the existing Government initiatives in this direction.