Mobility Data Specification

Mobility Data Specification (MDS) Is a digital tool that helps cities to better manage transportation in the public right of way. MDS standardizes communication and data-sharing between city authority and mobility service providers, such as public transport operators, private transport operators, ride-sharing companies, micro-mobility operators, etc.

Standardizing data sharing specifications is a critical first step in implementing MaaS. Standardization implies that there is a consistent, comprehensive, and agreed-upon set of parameters for how mobility data is to be reported. Data standards can emerge via several pathways, i.e. from the “top-down” by an influential actor (e.g., a governmental agency at country, state, or city level), or from the “bottom-up” by multiple smaller actors who agree to adopt the same specifications.

Based on the performed research on the State-of-the-Art of mobility players and current mobility data standardization and data sharing practices in India, we strongly encourage a “top-down” approach based upon international best practices.