MaaS System Architecture, Hardware Requirement and Maintenance Support

Data sharing and ownership is a crucial aspect of the design of a MaaS platform, as data is widely considered to be an asset from which significant value can be extracted via careful analysis. Two main data sets exist in connection with a MaaS platform.

First, the data is provided actively by users. This includes personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, specification of the device used by the end-user, or, in the case of mobility services that require so, additional documentation that could include driver licenses or passport pictures.

Second, the data generated by the operation of the service by end-users. This includes the origin and destination points of user-generated trips, which services were purchased, and how much do they cost. This information can be mined to perform behavioural analysis with objectives such as improving the efficiency of a mobility network or enhancing its sustainability.

Therefore, the subject of data sharing and ownership, as well as the protection of this data, is of paramount importance in MaaS ecosystem, and required technical parameters need to be considered on data security and privacy. Accordingly, the hardware platform and system architecture are to be designed based on the end-use requirement. This deliverable provides guidance on the typical system architecture of a MaaS Project with a high level of advise on the technical specification of hardware