What is Mobility as a Service

MaaS is a short form of Mobility as a Service, It brings together information on different means of travel in a given region, and makes it easily accessible through a single app, anytime, anywhere. MaaS is an emerging area that leverages data availability. .

There are several definitions of MaaS, however, in simplistic form, it offers travelers access to a pre-paid bundle of transportation modes on a single mobile application with the added convenience of the integration of planning, booking, and making payments. Using a MaaS solution, a traveller instead of finding and paying for each transportation mode separately can book their multimodal journey through a single app. MaaS thus integrates different transport modes and services offering customized mobility solutions to each traveller.

To meet a customer’s request, a MaaS operator facilitates a diverse menu of transport options, be they public transport, mode sharing options, taxi or car rental/lease, micro-mobility mode, or a combination thereof. For the user, MaaS can offer added value through the use of a single application to provide access to mobility, with a single payment channel instead of multiple ticketing and payment operations. For its users, MaaS should be the best value proposition, by helping them meet their mobility needs and solve the inconvenient parts of individual journeys as well as the entire system of mobility services.