MaaS Readiness Index

The main aim of MaaS is to offer a sustainable form of transport service that can help shift away from personally owned vehicles toward shared mobility modes. With the introduction of MaaS, the user will have a sustainable alternative option with the same level of convenience as of a private vehicle.

However, major challenges in this process are absence of institutionalization of mobility data, common platforms, data standards, open data policy etc. The first step to explore MaaS solution for any city is to assess where the City stands as far as Key MaaS requirements are concerned.

MaaS Readiness Index is a tool through which a City can evaluate the level of MaaS readiness and identify the areas that need to be focused if the City desires to implement MaaS. Based on the global use cases and with an understanding of local context, several factors are identified based on knowledge and understanding on industry requirements and local context. This Index will help cities to evaluate their own strength and weakness as far as MaaS project implementation is concerned and identify actions the cities must take to implement MaaS solution in the future.