Evaluating Multi-Modal Transport System in Indian Cities

Several Indian cities are planning and implementing rapid transit systems, however after implementation, in many cases public transport modes operate independently, with limited coordination in planning, design and operations. Given this, cities need to evaluate their initiatives towards integrated multi-modal transport systems and to what extent integration has been achieved. The report “Evaluating Multi-Modal Transport Systems in Indian Cities” presents the need for evaluating Multi-Modal Integration (MMI) in Indian cities and illustrates a framework (4MI tool) for cities to assess where they are in terms of multi-modal integration, which would help cities to take initiative towards MMI. The report also provides an overview of MMI and its core areas.

The final report will be available soon.

Maturity Matrix for Multi-Modal Integration - 4MI

In line with National Urban Transport Policy 2006, Indian cities are introducing various multi-modal strategies to promote sustainable transport systems. As cities adopt measures for integrating modes, it is important to assess to what extent multi-modal integration has been achieved. Cities need guidance such that there is a comprehensive approach towards integration rather than adopting standalone measures.

In this context, an evaluation tool for multi-modal integration called “Maturity Matrix for Multi-Modal Integration (4MI)” has been developed under SMART-SUT Project. This matrix takes into consideration the five core areas and defines desired characteristics of a fully integrated multi- modal system. 4MI is a web-based tool that can help cities assess where they are in terms of MMI and identify areas of interventions.

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