About the Toolkit

The web-based toolkit provides fundamental guidance to various stakeholders involved in designing and implementing a MaaS ecosystem in Indian context. It is compilation of outputs from the study titled “Creating Framework for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Indian Cities” undertaken as a part of the SMART-SUT Project. An important component of this study was to develop a capacity building toolkit to assist the government officials, industry stakeholders, policy makers, consultants and academicians in understanding the challenges and opportunities associated with MaaS implementation in Indian cities.

This platform would act as a open source knowledge resource and ready reckoner toolkit for agencies planning to implement MaaS in their respective jurisdiction. The toolkit comprises of following six study outputs -

  • MaaS Basics
  • Mobility data policy
  • Mobility data specification
  • Legal and Regulatory report
  • Typical scope of MaaS project
  • System architecture and technical report.

The knowledge bin under each of these components consists of downloadable materials, expert video recordings and other related resources.

The toolkit also hosts a web-based MaaS readiness index tool. Cities can use this tool to evaluate their level of readiness for implementing a MaaS solution and identify priority areas of action.