About the MaaS Study

Government of India under the National Smart Cities Mission is implementing various data driven sustainable development projects which are likely to impact the mobility patterns of the citizens and could influence a shift in favor of shared transport modes.

All these projects, when implemented, will produce a large amount of data that could reveal meaningful insights and provide policy directions to city administrators based on an informed intelligence derived from multiple datasets. Further, mobility data being generated from various sources could be used for providing an integrated journey experience to the commuters and can help implement innovative solutions like Mobility as a Service or MaaS.

Though providing such a service to commuters would require developing standard data collection and management protocols, strong institutional and regulatory framework, interventions related to urban mobility data policies and so on. With this objective in mind, SMART-SUT undertook a study on “Creating framework for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Indian Cities”.

The study aims to explore opportunities for implementing MaaS in Indian cities and identify a structured approach towards developing a smart mobility ecosystem which is required for developing such a solution by leveraging the real value of mobility data. The study outlines a stepwise approach and set of recommendations towards implementing a MaaS solution in Indian context.